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Meet the Owner - Tyler

Meet the Owner - Tyler

Hi everyone!
Thanks for dropping by.

A little about me: I have a Honours Degree in Fine Arts (Creative and Professional Writing), but ultimately decided that academia was not for me. One of my greatest passions is being outside in my garden, tending the herbs, and watching the little greenlings grow.

I'm impassioned about organic gardening and I'm  the minutes Secretary for the Brisbane Organic Growers Inc. BOGI is a not for profit association formed in 1975 (long before my time!) and it promotes "Growing Organically" with it's many benefits. According to my friends and family I have an "Organic Green Thumb". I really enjoy helping everyone develop their gardens in a health and sustainable way.

Many of my infusions are from my own organic garden in Kelvin Grove and my organic  'outposts' at my parents property at Mount Cotton and also In-laws at Petrie.

My favourite creative projects have always centred around Fantasy, and the wonder that accompanies being lost in a good book. Dragon Grove Fragrances combines my two greatest loves: fantasy other-worlds, and awe-inspiring, real natural places: both spaces one can get blissfully lost in.

When I am not experimenting on a new product, or burying my nose in a book, I am usually up to something creative. I enjoy music (I play tin whistle and mandolin); learning new languages (I am currently learning French); calligraphy (I adore the Medieval Illumination style); and, of course, writing.

I hope you enjoy the products as much as I enjoyed making them!

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