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Herbal Bath Tea - Large Size

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Relax and unwind with a bath prepared with these lovely herbal teas! Each blend is lovingly hand-mixed with a base of ingredients that your skin will love. Epsom and Pink Himalayan salts are known to soothe and exfoliate the skin, while reducing redness. Rolled oats complement this by reducing itchiness, and restoring moisture. Coconut milk rejuvenates dry skin, softens, and smooths.

Treat a loved one, or yourself, to this bath tea in the larger 275ml size, which will last you a great many baths! The botanical combinations are Elderflower + Chamomile; Ginger + Lemon Myrtle; Lavender + Peppermint; and Myrrh + Rose. Please check back often, as I am always working on new combinations, and you will have more to choose from soon!
All 275ml size orders come with a complementary reusable muslin tea-bag, and a wooden scoop.

No bathtub? No problem! Pop this tea into a bowl or a footbath for a luxuriant manicure or pedicure.

If you are interested in these bath teas in a smaller size, please check the 'Body' tab in my store, where you will find the gift set, in 25ml vials.

This Set Includes:
1x 275ml Jar of the Bath Tea of Your Choice
1x Reusable Muslin Teabag
1x Wooden Scoop

These Bath Teas Are...
* Vegan
* Natural
* Organic
* Not Tested on Animals
* Ethically Sourced
* Sustainably Packaged, Sustainably Mailed
* Handmade in Brisbane, using materials sourced from quality Australian suppliers.



Elderflower + Chamomile: Epsom Salt; Pink Himalayan Salt; Rolled Oats*; Coconut Milk Powder*; Elderflower*; Chamomile*; Roman Chamomile Essential Oil

Ginger + Lemon Myrtle: Epsom Salt; Pink Himalayan Salt; Rolled Oats*; Coconut Milk Powder*; Lemon Myrtle*; Ginger Root*; Fresh Ginger Essential Oil; Lemon Myrtle Essential Oil

Lavender + Peppermint: Epsom Salt; Pink Himalayan Salt; Rolled Oats*; Coconut Milk Powder*; Lavender*; Peppermint*; Lavender Essential Oil*; Peppermint Essential Oil*

Myrrh + Rose: Epsom Salt; Pink Himalayan Salt; Rolled Oats*; Coconut Milk Powder*; Myrrh**; Rose Petals*; Rose Geranium Essential Oil; Myrrh Essential Oil

* = Australian Certified Organic
** = Wildcrafted

These bath teas are best used within 6 months.

Essential Oil Safety:

Elderflower + Chamomile:

  • There are some known cases of a rare allergy to Chamomile or other plants in the Asteraceae family. If you are unsure about Chamomile, please perform a patch test.

Lavender + Peppermint:

  • Peppermint Essential Oil may cause skin sensitisation in hypersensitive individuals. Peppermint oil should also be avoided altogether by those with a G6PD deficiency. 

Myrrh + Rose:

  • Myrrh should be avoided at all stages of pregnancy and breastfeeding.
  • There are some documented cases of Rose Geranium causing irritation in those with hypersensitive skin. We recommend you perform a patch test.

If you are pregnant, please consult with your health care professional before using any products containing essential oils.
As with all of my products containing essential oils, an 'essential oil safety' pamphlet will be included with your purchase.

Directions for Use:
1. Fill the tea-bag provided (recommended usage rates are below), and set the bag aside while your vessel fills with hot water.
2. When your vessel is full, float the tea-bag on the water, allowing it to steep. At this stage, the water will go murky as the coconut milk powder dissolves. Savour the smell of the mixed herbs and essential oils!
3. Enjoy your special bath, manicure, or pedicure!
4. Once it has steeped for a while, we recommend gently squeezing the tea-bag periodically so it will release its lovely herbal juices into the water.
5. Please exercise caution with the tea-bag and empty it promptly after use - the herbs inside may stain countertops if the bag is left lying around.

- For a manicure or pedicure, we recommend using only half of a 25ml vial, or roughly 4x scoops from the 275ml jar.
- For a standard-sized bath, we recommend using a full 25ml vial, or roughly 8x scoops from the 275ml jar.
- For a spa bath, we recommend using roughly 15x scoops from the 275ml jar.


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Jar - 275ml; 6.7D x 13.9H
Muslin Bag - 10 x 15cm
Wooden Scoop - 83mm L x 24mm W

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