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'Weald' Meditation Oil

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Delve deep into the forest wilds with the grounding aromas of Black Pepper, Juniper Berry, Cedarwood, Cypress and Pine. 'Weald' is a woody fragrance with a spicy warmness, and is a part of our meditation oil range - it is a fragrance that is designed to smell like a place out in nature. 

This perfume is vegan, and contains no synthetic fragrances - only pure essential oils.

The luxuriant jojoba oil base of this perfume carries the scent wonderfully, nourishing your skin all the while!

If you prefer solid perfumes to oil-based perfumes, please check out the 'solid perfumes' section of my store - 'Weald' is available in solid form as well!

Please note: This perfume is derived from nature, not a lab. Natural fragrances do not contain synthetic fixatives, and so are designed to be applied throughout the day. Depending on factors such as skin type, body chemistry, and climate, an organic perfume will perform best when reapplied every  1-3 hours. To get the best out of your natural perfume, please see the 'Directions for Use' below.

This Perfume Is... 
* Vegan
* Organic
* Natural
* Not Tested on Animals
* Ethically Sourced
* Palm Oil and Paraffin-Free
* Sustainably Packaged, Sustainably Mailed
* Handcrafted in Brisbane, using materials sourced from quality Australian suppliers


Refined Jojoba Oil*; Black Pepper Essential Oil; Juniper Berry Essential Oil; Cedarwood (Atlas) Essential Oil*; Cypress Essential Oil; Pine Scotch Essential Oil; Vitamin E (naturally derived from soybeans).

* = Australian Certified Organic

In aromatherapy...
-- Black Pepper -- is stimulating and energising
-- Juniper Berry -- is cleansing and calming
-- Cedarwood -- is fortifying and stabilising
-- Cypress -- is calming and comforting
-- Pine Scotch -- is energising and cleansing

Directions for Use:
*Apply to pulse points (wrists, ankles, behind ears and temples) when relaxing and at bedtime.
*Use an unscented moisturiser before applying, as hydrated skin holds the fragrance for much longer.
* Apply more perfume than you normally would. Apply to your pulse points, as well as other areas such as the back of your neck, and lower and upper arms.
* Avoid rubbing it in. This causes the fragrance to disappear more quickly.
* Try to stay in the cool, and the shade, where possible. Heat, light, and sweat will cause your fragrance to wear out more quickly.

* There remains some debate as to whether Juniper Berry is unsafe for those who are pregnant, and for those who have kidney disease. To err on the side of caution, do not use this product if pregnant, or if you have kidney disease.
* Please perform a patch test before general use of this perfume.
* This perfume is best used within 12 months. If you notice that the scent has changed considerably, discontinue use immediately.
* If you are pregnant, please consult your health care professional before using any products containing essential oils.
* As with all of my products that contain essential oils, an 'essential oil safety' pamphlet will be included with your purchase.
* External use only.


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Vial: 1.97cmD x 8.7cmH (10ml)

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